What Is the Best Champagne Bottle Stopper

What Is the Best Champagne Bottle Stopper in 2023 (To Save Your Bubbles)

I’ve had one too many refrigerator accidents where my champagne bottle stopper was the culprit. This put me on the hunt to find the best champagne stopper out there, and I can confidently say I’ve found it!

The KLOVEO Champagne Stopper is the best champagne bottle stopper of all the different brands and models tried. It ticks all the boxes by being high-quality, a worthwhile investment, and performing better than anticipated.

If you don’t want to waste any more champagne bottles or Sundays cleaning up your fridge, keep reading to find out why the KLOVEO Champagne Stopper is worth all the hype!

Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored article. I am genuinely trying to be helpful and I do not receive any kind of incentive from this brand. It’s only my opinion guys!

The Best Champagne Stopper of 2022 and Why I Use This One

I was at my wit’s end trying to find a champagne bottle stopper that worked. At one point, I didn’t care how much it costs or how it looked; I just needed something that worked.

However, I found a product that met all my expectations by KLOVEO. Here are 4 main reasons why I settled on it.

#1 Unique Self-tightening Seal

Firstly, it has a unique self-tightening seal with a science-based approach. The manufacturers use “Pascal’s Law” in which pressure built inside the bottle expands the plastic nipple outwards, creating an airtight seal.

Unique self-tightening seal

#2 Replaces the Muselet

Secondly, one of its best features is that the clip of the champagne stopper replaces the “muselet”, which you’ll find on all champagne bottles. If you don’t already know, the muselet is the wire cage that keeps the cork in place.

The clip of the champagne stopper replaces the muselet.

The KLOVEO Champagne stopper has already made quite a name for itself, being the #1 selling champagne stopper in France and Italy. Now, it’s steadily gaining loyal customers in the US who have nothing but praise for it.

Unfortunately, as with any successful product, the KLOVEO brand name and model are also bombarded with imitators and fakes. So be careful; to order an original piece, you should use their original website or Amazon page.

#3 Effective

It works. While the company says your bubbly will stay fresh for 3-5 days, you’ll find customers gushing over how their bottles lasted weeks.

Effective bottle champagne stopper

#4 Standard Size & 90-day Cash-back Policy

One size fits all. It can fit most bottles, from a sparkling water bottle to your Prosecco.

I was doubting this claim, but seeing their 90-day cash-back policy, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to try it out. And I was right!

See the KLOVEO Champagne Stopper for Yourself

Watch the video that explains this bottle Champagne stopper.


If you’re still not convinced, do not hesitate to check its 5-Star reviews on Amazon (links above and below).

Top 5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Champagne Stopper

Here are the top 5 things to consider before you purchase any champagne stopper.

1. Manufacturing Material

When choosing a champagne stopper, the material it is made of makes all the difference. It is bound to break or bend out of shape if made of plastic or cheap metal.

Additionally, it can get dirty looking or rusty.

A stainless steel stopper, preferably chrome-plated like the KLOVEO one, will be sturdy and look luxurious.

2. Ease of Use

A gimmicky stopper or one that takes forever to figure out is an added nuisance. It should be straightforward to use for everybody.

A 3-stepped method requires you to move the clip away, place the plastic seal on firmly, and simply secure the safety clip. This is ideal for consumer convenience and that’s the case of the Champagne bottle stopper I present to you in this article.

3. Leak-Proof

Using a stopper should alleviate all your worries about your fizzy bottles.

If you’re constantly checking the bottle, making sure it’s upright, or struggling with a leaky stopper, then you need to invest in a better product.

Leak-Proof of a champagne bottle stopper

A leak proof stopper is necessary because wasting liquid or the gas inside defeats the purpose of using a stopper to begin with.

4. Durable

Constantly repurchasing stoppers is an expensive ordeal. Rather than regularly disposing of bottle stoppers, why not invest in a premium product from the start?

With an efficient bottle stopper, save yourself the hassle and focus on enjoying your 3-day-old bubbly whenever you like!

5. Maintained Freshness

Having oxidized wine is like drinking flat soda or eating stale bread. Nobody wants to do that.

Your champagne stopper should maintain the state of whatever liquid you preserve with it. Whether that’s beer, champagne, wine, etc.

Using a stopper that slows the oxidation of wine will help prolong its shelf life, so you can enjoy a pleasant drink from the same bottle at your convenience.

The KLOVEO Stopper VS. Standard Stoppers

FeaturesKLOVEO Champagne StopperStandard Champagne Stopper
Stainless Steel
Easy-To-Use Safety ClipX
Leak Proof Design
Durable Hinge ConstructionX
Slows Oxidation Of Wine

Did You Know?

  1. Champagne bubbles are formed from invisible irregularities or particles of dust in the container into which the champagne is poured.
  2. One dust can give birth to about fifteen bubbles.
  3. A 75cl bottle of champagne contains about 5 liters of Carbon dioxide (CO2).
  4. Thick glass is used to hold champagne because of the pressure inside the bottle: 5 to 6 times the atmospheric pressure. To give you an idea, this is the pressure at a depth of 50/60 meters in the ocean.
  5. The cork is not enough to resist the pressure on a champagne bottle. That’s why we add a Muselet: a wire cage used to clamp the cork.
  6. When opening a bottle of champagne, the cork can be ejected at 38 mph!
  7. A regular glass of champagne can contain up to 1 million bubbles.
  8. The bursting of champagne bubbles on the surface projects microdroplets at a speed of 50 feet per second!
  9. Never drink champagne from a paper cup: the bubbles adhere to the surface of the materials used to make the cup waterproof (wax or plastic coating).

Final Thoughts on Finding The Best Champagne Stopper of 2022

It’s safe to say that if you get yourself a KLOVEO Champagne Stopper, you don’t need to look for another champagne cork. You can also throw away your old makeshift stoppers.

I'm no longer using these champagne bottle stoppers
I’m no longer using these champagne bottle stoppers.

Since I discovered this one, I also stopped using the Le Creuset Champagne Crown Sealer. It worked but wasn’t as convenient or effective as my KLOVEO stopper

Go get your hands on the best champagne bottle stopper, and you can thank me later!

And in case you found a better one, mention it in the comments below!


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