Why Did My Candle Glass Crack: the reasons.
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Why Did My Candle Glass Crack? (Solved & Explained for You!)

You have a wonderful candle in a pretty glass jar. Perhaps you chose to pamper yourself, or it was a gift. You burn it constantly since it has a lovely scent. The glass then abruptly breaks! What could be the reason for candle glass to crack?

Two fundamental reasons for candle glass cracking are 1) a flame that comes too close to the bottom and 2) an uncentered wick that is permitted to approach the side. When heat is spread irregularly or is focused in one region, glass is more likely to break or crack.

One of the most popular candle varieties today comes in a glass container. The non-dripping quality of these candles, unlike those free-standing candles like towers and tapers, is their most favored attribute. These candles often produce a bigger liquid pool of wax width for width. The amount of fragrance released into the space where the candle is lighting increases with the size of the liquid pool of warm, fragrant wax.

What Causes Candle Glass To Crack or Break?

Cracks in the candle container are the first obvious indicator of glass deterioration at high temperatures. Usually, burning a candle is safe enough to do without worrying about heat damage. However, there are several exceptions. The primary cause of damaged candle glass is extremely high heat.

This may not amaze you, given the sweltering heat produced by open flames and dripping wax. A tilting wick is another typical reason. Before you ignite the wick, make an effort to adjust it so that it doesn’t tilt to one side and direct its intense flame there. This will lessen the possibility of broken candle glass.

Lastly, don’t leave your candle burning all night if you want it to last for an extended period. As opposed to using normal tealights, enjoy it in short durations. You won’t get the total value out of this upscale item if you don’t take care of it.

Burning container candles requires the same level of caution as burning any other kind of candle. Put the candle on a heat-resistant holder to protect its resting surface. Keep the candle apart from anything that could catch fire.

Make sure the wick is in the middle of the candle and put it out when the wax level approaches the glass’s bottom. If the flame burns through the container’s bottom, too much heat could be concentrated at the wick’s base, leading to the glass breaking.

How Do You Keep A Candle From Breaking Glass?

There are preemptive measures to prevent your candle glass container from breaking. Let’s explore a few of them.

  • Each time before lighting, the wick should be trimmed to one-fourth its size. Uneven burning or flaring can result from long or twisted wicks.
  • Put the candle on a heat-resistant, firm surface. Additionally, this will prevent glass containers from cracking or breaking and potential heat damage to counter and table surfaces.
  • Always keep matches, wick cuttings, and other debris out of the wax pool.
  • Avoid air currents, vents, and draughts. This will lessen excessive pouring and burning that happens too quickly or unevenly.
  • When you fire a candle, make sure it doesn’t burn for more than two to three hours.
  • If a candle’s flame gets too intense or keeps flickering, put it out. Before lighting the candle again, let it cool, trim the wick, and look for any draughts.
  • Don’t let a candle burn out completely. When one-fourth of an inch of wax remains in the container, stop burning the candle as a precaution.
How Do You Keep A Candle From Breaking Glass

Moreover, once you do start burning candles in glasses, always take a look at the rim of the glass alongside the edges to ensure that the glass is physically intact. The high heat from a candle can cause poor-quality glass to crack or break which can immediately turn into a fire hazard.

Can You Still Use A Candle If The Glass Is Cracked?

Always look out for flaws in the glass candle container before buying them. Before lighting a candle, look for cracks, even if you bought it online. Hot wax might leak out of the crevices and ignite a fire if you ignore them.

Even though keeping the candle and its container can seem alluring, it is unsafe to light a candle in a cracked jar. Jars with minor chips or even more prominent pieces of glass missing from them are considered “broken”.

Now that the candle’s melted wax can escape via these fissures or openings, there is a fire risk. Fires may start if the hot, liquid wax leaks and comes into contact with combustible materials. Even though a tiny flaw or splintered appearance in a glass jar might not seem dangerous, it is an inevitable problem.

The glass of the container should be undamaged, transparent, and smooth. Anything less is just a risk that we shouldn’t take.

Is It Safe To Burn Candles In Glass Jars?

Look for containers that can withstand heat and are fire, leak, and break-resistant. Your container must withstand the heat generated by the wax pool and flame even if your candle burns correctly. Candles in glass containers are undoubtedly ordinary, but not all glass containers are secure.

The glass needs to be strong, sturdy, and heat-resistant in order to be used to produce candles. Any glass container that exhibits these similarities may work well for creating candles. Avoid drinking glassware, glass vases, and other ornamental glassware as far as other glass forms are concerned.

I have listed essential factors of glass to check before using it as a candle jar:

  1. Fire-resistant
  2. Heat resistant
  3. Unbreakable
  4. Pressure resistant
  5. Chemical resistant


I have discussed the major issue faced by customers who own candles in glass containers. Candles are a common household item. However, relatively few of them are knowledgeable about safe usage.

To avoid candle container breakage, use the tips I provided in this article!


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