Ways to Keep Your Bread Bin from Smelling

How do you keep bread bins from smelling? (Solved & Explained)

Do you know bread turns stale from the moment of cooling down? But by choosing the proper bread bin, you can prevent the stale smell and preserve the bread. So, how do you keep bread bins from smelling?

The best way to keep bread bins from smelling is by investing in a dedicated bread box with ventilation and the right lid that you can deodorize regularly. You can use bread bags and beewraps to preserve the bread better.

I’ll tell you all about six ways to prevent the stink from your bread bin, including storage and the reason for the bad smell. Moreover, I’ve included five simple habits to extend the shelf life of your bread.

So, let’s slice in!

The Complete Guide to Keeping Bread Bins from Smelling

Do you know man invented the wheel around the same time as bread in history? Moreover, they’re still our favorites after 10,000 years.

While fresh bread is heaven, they stink up so fast too. So, if you aren’t careful, bad bread adds to waste and force you to spend money unnecessarily.

Hence, you need to be wary of choosing the right box, cleaning, storing, deodorizing, wrapping, temperature, etc.

6 ways to keep your bread bin from smelling

Proper bread storage is crucial for its longevity, whether it’s store-bought or homemade bread. So, let’s find out the top techniques to do it!

1.      Good bread box: Choose the right material to avoid bad smells

Everyone knows the goodness of bread bins, but what is the best container to keep bread fresh? Check the following table to get a better idea.

Bread BoxWhat To Know?Best For
BambooThis material has porous fibers. Hence, bamboo prevents mold with its wicking feature and high water-absorption.Within one day
PlasticMany people store their bread in airtight plastic. However, plastic is porous. Hence, it retains moisture to develop mold and mildew.Within three days
GlassAirtight glass boxes are great for storing bread for a short span.Within three days
Wooden (Olivewood)Choose a wooden box that doesn’t mar the bread flavor as cedar or pine boxes may due to their overpowering natural smell.Within three days
(read more about ceramics for storing food)
If you like to have softly moist bread, go for a ceramic bread box.Within three days
MetalMetals like Stainless Steel are the age-old option to store bread. Moreover, they don’t compromise quality.Over three days

2.      Find the right lid for your box

Depending on the lid you use for the bread bin, your bread’s shelf life will also differ.

For instance, hinged or rolled-up airtight lids do better than ceramic or fabric lids. Additionally, you can get wooden lids fashioned into a cutting board.

3.      Check for a bread bin with ventilation

Bread bin with holes or vents.

Should a bread bin have ventilation? If you plan to eat your bread in less than three days, pick a bread bin with holes or vents. Appropriate ventilation ensures even airflow that helps to maintain the level of moisture in the bread. Hence, mold doesn’t grow as easily.

Appropriate ventilation ensures even airflow

Moreover, ventilation is a must based on how humid or hot your environment is.

4.      Cleaning & deodorizing

One brilliant way is to deodorize your bread bin from stinking. Moreover, you can do so by cleaning the box with a solution of warm water and vinegar every few days because vinegar is a disinfectant. Also, do this before storing new bread.

Moreover, always avoid chemicals for cleaning the bread box.

5.      Get a bread bag

If you see linen bread bags, get them right away. As they’re soft and porous, they let the bread breathe. Hence, the crust remains crispy.

6.      Use beewraps to preserve bread

Personally, I’ve been using beeswraps inside the bread bin as it keeps the bread box airtight while letting the bread breathe. In addition, beewraps are made from beeswax.

Use Beewraps to preserve bread

Hence, it retains the moisture preventing the bread from drying out. Moreover, the antimicrobial properties of beeswax keep your bread fresh and mold-free.

How to store bread based on when you’re planning to eat?

Depending on the make and material of the box, you can keep the bread fresh, soft, and firm for days. So, use the following lists to store your bread.

When eating within 24 hours

  • Leave it on the countertop.
  • Wrap it in a paper bag and keep it on the counter until use.
  • Cover it with a cheesecloth or a cotton bag and place it on the counter.

When eating within 3 Days

  • Use Tupperware or airtight boxes to store outside the fridge.
  • Olivewood boxes are a great alternative to plastic bread boxes when leaving them out.
  • Storing bread in a glass container on the countertop is good.

When eating after three Days

  • Bread Boxes made of Stainless Steel is a safe way to preserve bread for a long time.
  • Also, wrapping bread securely in beewrap prevents freezer burnout.

What Causes Bread to Go Bad?

The smell of freshly baked bread drastically changes over 3 days when it goes from fresh to bad. That’s because bread is filled with starch or carbs that yeast converts to carbon dioxide.

Hence, you smell stale bread.

Nonetheless, your bread lasts longer with good storage.

Extend your bread’s lifespan with these awesome tips and tricks!

Ready? Let’s find some new ideas to enhance the lifetime of your bread next.

#1 Cleaning the bread box bin correctly

Firstly, commit to deep cleaning your breadbox (regularly) for good maintenance.

Commit to deep cleaning your breadbox with white vinegar

Secondly, mix diatomaceous with vinegar and water solution when you have severe mold.

Lastly, clean and dry the bread bin before using it for new bread.

#2 Store it the right way

You need to keep the bread box in a place with the least moisture. Moreover, you should look for dry and cool spaces as mold blooms in warm and wet areas.

So, does bread mold faster in the dark? Yes, that’s because light impairs mold growth and darkness sustains it.

#3 Keep it at the right temperature

Ideally, the room temperature of 68°F is good for storing bread on the countertop.

So, can freezing bread prevent mold? Frankly, it’s the best go-to for bread lovers living in hot and humid climates.

#5 Make use of unique ingredients

You can use certain ingredients to preserve the bread without affecting the flavor. Therefore, add pectic, honey, or cinnamon to the bread when you want to make it last longer.

#5 Wrap up the bread

Wrapping up in porous materials like paper or a linen bag is good to keep your bread fresh for a longer time. Moreover, kitchen towels are an excellent way to keep the crust crispy and the center soft.

Start Keeping Your Bread Oven-Fresh For Days!

When you use the right bread box properly, you can have fresh bread every day.

Also, a good cooling rack is better than boxes to keep your bread ventilated from all sides. Moreover, such racks prevent the crust of your bread from getting soggy during storage.

However, mold may grow faster or slower due to temperature and heat. So, make sure to freeze your bread when needed.


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