Are Glasslock Containers Good?
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Are Glasslock Containers Good? Here’s What You Need to Know!

With most of us concerned about our health now more than ever thanks to the pandemic, plastic isn’t a worthwhile option for food storage anymore. If you’re worried about toxins leaching into your food, bear in mind, there are premium options like Glasslock™ to mull over. Are Glasslock containers good?

Yes, Glasslock containers are good. They can preserve the aroma and freshness of your food while keeping it safe from dangerous chemicals under hot and cold conditions. What I love most is that these storage boxes are perfect for those who regularly use microwaves, dishwashers, and freezers too.

Before you commit to this health-conscious switch, take a moment to educate yourself further. Delve deeper into the distinctive features of a standout model on Amazon – the Glasslock Assorted Oven Safe Container Set. This set showcases the superior aspects of Glasslock containers, serving as a testament to their true quality and functionality in the realm of food storage.

Everything You Should Know About Glasslock™ Containers

First things first, Glasslock boxes come from tempered glass. And for starters, that’s not your garden-variety glass!

As a result, tempered glass can keep your food fresh longer than plastic, ceramic, or clay containers. Add their 4-Side Locking System to the mix and these storage boxes can retain leftovers, cook food, or warm it.

What I love most about it is that these containers don’t stain or scratch. Personally, I have no taste for storage boxes that leak or stain easily because cleaning after is an exhaustive job.

In addition, they offer a wide range of choices from food storage to prep, and mixing containers. They also have lock canisters to tiffin boxes, shakers, bottles, and tableware too apart from their trademark containers.

Coupled with their portability, airtight sealing, stain-resistance, and lasting freshness, nothing else even comes close to these premium storage boxes!

1. Let’s talk about safety.

These food storage boxes are completely safe and healthy for storing food. Moreover, it’s an “FDA-approved product termed safe-for-use in the food industry”.

Truth be told, most food experts will agree that glass is the safest choice against plastic, ceramic, clay, etcetera for foodstuffs. Because tempered glass boxes don’t leach chemicals or toxins into your food whether it’s hot or cold, they also retain the aroma of your food and keep it fresh.

Best of all, these food boxes have up to five times more shock-resistance than normal glass. Check this video to see the actual strength of these food storage boxes!

Using These containers in Oven: yes or no?

No, you can’t use these containers in ovens. Nonetheless, feel free to store your oven-baked goodies in these containers after cooking to extend their shelf life to the max!

Are Glasslock Containers Microwave-Safe?

Yes, Glasslock containers are microwave-safe. To be precise, they can take temperatures up to 200 °C ~ 250 °C. However, keep in mind that Glasslock lids aren’t microwave-safe.

However, you need to make sure they don’t go from cold to hot all of a sudden so that you can prevent thermal shock to the glass.

What About Dishwashers

Glasslock bowls are safe in the dishwasher. Nevertheless, you need to stick to low-heat cycles when dishwashing to prevent any damage.

Can You Freeze Glasslock Containers?

Yes, you can freeze Glasslock storage boxes and the best thing is this type of glass (tempered) doesn’t expand and contract as easily as ordinary glass under extreme temperatures. That’s why it can stand freezer temperatures.

In short, toughened glass boxes can go from freezer to oven, microwave, and back again without a hitch. But that’s only if you take care not to expose the container to extreme temperature variations suddenly!

Whether you have a French door or a side-by-side refrigerator, these containers offer a new way to store your frozen foods in the freshest possible manner.

What’s more, they can be stacked up neatly in your refrigerator too!

Do I Have To Worry About BPA?

If you’re wondering are their lids BPA-Free, yes they are! That’s because they don’t contain any Bisphenol-A or other dangerous environmental hormones.

2. Are They Airtight or Leak-Proof?

These containers are 100% airtight and leak-proof. That’s because these storage boxes come fitted with silicone gaskets that help it to snap and lock it from four sides. Secondly, they’re easy to carry.

Hence,  you never have to worry about spilling salsa in your bag or dripping curry on your car seat ever again! To be honest, these are my go-to storage boxes for picnic munchies and lunches dripping in grease, folks!

3. What Is Glasslock Made of?

Glasslock uses tempered soda-lime glass to make their trademark containers. It’s a mix of soda ash (15%), limestone (9%), silica or silicon dioxide (70%), and several natural elements.

4. Are Glasslock Containers Made in the USA?

No, Glasslock is not a U.S. brand, but an eco-friendly trademark that creates and assembles food boxes in South Korea. They currently sell to customers in over 85 countries!

How To Use Glasslock Containers Lids Correctly?

While these containers might look sophisticated, opening and shutting their lids is quite straightforward.

From personal experience, you can extend the shelf life and sealing ability of lids by hand washing instead of dishwashing . Another tip is to NEVER microwave the container with its lid on!

Watch this video to find out how to open and close these food storage boxes properly.

Glasslock Container Models

These food storage boxes are so versatile they can go from kitchen to refrigerator, microwave, plate, and dishwasher seamlessly. I love their food storage, meal prep, and mixing bowl options because they come in round, square, and rectangular shapes as well as shades like yellow, olive, blue, red, and colorless.

In addition, these food containers with dividers are another space-saving solution for storing different dishes separately in the same container. You can also get their round mixing bowls with lids in small, medium, and large sizes too.

Where To Get Glasslock Parts?

Unfortunately, replacement parts for Glasslock aren’t available for purchase from retailers like Walmart, Target, etcetera. Perhaps they’ll be available in some time but for now, the only way to replace parts is by ordering directly. 

Final Thoughs

Most storage boxes stain the container or lose the aroma in a flash. However, Glasslock containers are see-through and shock-resistant owing to tempered glass. They’re also scratch-free, odor-free, and stackable!

And if you want it to last over and above a decade, the best tip is to avoid abrasive scrubbers!


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  1. Replacement lids is a mayor issue. The vendor gives them for “free”, but overcharges for shipping, to the point where it is not an option.

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