Best Glass Jar Brands for Your Home and Kitchen

The 7 Best Glass Jar Brands for Your Home and Kitchen in 2023

When it comes to choosing and buying glass jars, it’s sometimes difficult to decide with all the many types available on the Internet.

It can also be difficult to identify the most practical type that also offers the highest quality.

It’s true: many models look similar, but one thing’s certain: not all glass jars are the same!

With this in mind, I’ve compiled a list of the best brands and models available today.

Whatever food products you want to store or preserve—be they starch, pasta, flour, cereals, sauces, jams, jellies, or vegetables—you’re sure to find the jar that best suits your needs in the list below.

The Best Glass Jars For Food Preservation

This list is regularly updated.

#1 Le Parfait – $8 to $50

Le Parfait jars are instantly recognizable.

This is one of the most famous brands in terms of quality: with their orange seal rings, pretty Le Parfait jars are instantly recognizable.

Totally hermetic, they’re made in France and have been used around the world for generations.

They offer two flagship models, both in very thick glass.

Le Parfait Super

The “Super” is the most famous of their jars. It touts a metal frame and orange seal ring. “Perfect” for all your preserves.

Le Parfait Super Model
Available Sizes For Le Parfait Super
  • 250ML (8OZ)
  • 500ML (16OZ)
  • 750ML (24OZ)
  • 1L (32OZ)
  • 1.5L (48OZ)
  • 2L (64OZ)
  • 3L (96OZ)

Note: the lid is not removable from the jar. This model is thus not optimal for dishwasher cleaning.

Le Parfait Screw

The “screw top” model with its orange plastic lid is very practical for storing your food or recipes that do not require heat treatment. Ideal for dry products.

Le Parfait Screw Model
Available Sizes For Le Parfait Screw (Metal or Plastic Lid)
  • 1000ML (32OZ)
  • 2000ML (64OZ)
  • 3000ML (96OZ)

It’s also possible to adapt the Le Parfait Familia Wiss lid for preservation with heat treatment.

Where can I buy them ?

👉 On the official store of the brand: I also advise you to check out their other website,, which is full of interesting information of every kind: recipes, tips for preserving your preserves—and even a fermentation guide!
👉 In the Amazon boutique.

#2 Kilner – $9 to $80

Kilner logo

The Kilner brand is one of the brands I love that offers quality jars.

Most of their jars have an antique style, and that’s still a hit! You can even find a series of DIY (do-it-yourself) jars that allow you to make:

  • sauces
  • ground coffee
  • butter
  • fermentation
  • mayonnaise
  • grater (for cheese, fruits, vegetables)
  • plant-based drinks
  • a juice fountain

You may also fall in love with their glass baby jars in which you can store your homemade purees.

Here are some pictures by Kilner® to help you decide.

Sauce press jar

Kilner - Sauce press jar

Coffee Grinder

Kilner Coffee Grinder

Butter Churner

Kilner Butter Churner

Fermenting Set

Kilner Fermenting Set

Mayo Maker

Mayo Maker by Kilner

Spiralizer, Juicer and Grater Set

Spiralizer, Juicer and Grater Set

Nut Drink Making Set

Nut Drink Making Set: custom glass jar

Finally, to finish with Kilner glass jars, here’s a very nice drink dispenser jar (2 gallon):

Kilner glass jars Juice Dispenser 2 gallon

Note: these vintage jars are dishwasher safe for easy cleanup after use.

It seems that after long research that the place of manufacture is in China (even if the brand itself did not confirm it with me).

As proof, here is the message I received when I asked them:

Dear Laurent,

Thank you for contacting us with your enquiry.
Please be advised that we design all of our products here in England but as we distribute globally our materials are sourced and manufactured globally and we are unable to confirm the locations for each individual product.
However regardless of the factory where they are manufactured all of our products are still subject to stringent quality control checks and we endeavour to produce all of our products to the highest standard possible.

Customer Service

Where can I buy them ?

👉 On the official store of the brand:

👉 On the Kilner Store (

#3 Weck – $5 to $50

Weck Logo

If, like me, you want to sterilize and then preserve your culinary preparations, you won’t be disappointed with Weck glass jars.

Weck glass jars.

With their natural rubber seal, these are very good quality jars. They are very practical to close thanks to their simple lid with clip (available with plastic lid also).

Weck glass jar with plastic lid.
A Weck glass jar with lid (in plastic) that I use.

Weck jars come in many shapes and sizes, and you can discover these below. You should know that this same brand also offers jars without lid or seal.

Forms and Models of Weck Glass Jars

Forms and Models of Weck Glass Jars

Where can I buy them ?

👉 On the official store of the brand:

👉 On the WECK Store (

#4 Ball Mason – $3 to $25

Ball Mason Jars

Who in the U.S. has never heard of this brand?

Personally, they are among my favorite jars along with the other Kilner jars I mentioned above—not only because they have a vintage feel to them, but also because they’re so simple to use.

Ball Mason Jars

Some Ball Mason Jars are even stackable – a great way to save space in your kitchen cupboards.

You should also know that homemade preparations and traditional preserving is once again gaining popularity in the United States. This is why most American consumers prefer Ball Mason Jars over other brand-name jars.

Ball Mason Glass Jars

News you can use: Short on ideas? Head to the brand’s website. It offers more than 200 homemade recipes (“Ball Recipes” section)!

Each Mason Jars is perfect for homemade preparations such as jams, sauces, and preserves.

The Ball Mason Jars brand also has a big advantage when it comes to price: they’re affordable for all.

To top it off, they’re made in the USA (jars and lids).

Where can I buy them ?

👉 On and

👉 On the Ball Store (

#5 Brabantia – $7 to $35

Brabantia logo

If the design of your glass jars is important to you, Brabantia is the brand for you.

Its jars have a refined design while remaining very practical: stackable and adjustable according to size.

Stackable and adjustable glass jars by Brabantia.

There are even jars with a built-in measuring cup!

Note: since these jars are perfectly microwave safe, they’re very easy to clean and offer superior glass quality. However, this glass is thinner and therefore by definition more fragile.

Important detail: Some lids come with a tiny hole to evacuate the air when closing. The jar and lid assembly are therefore not 100% airtight if turned 180°.

Other important details:

  • Brabantia glass jars are limited to storing your various dry and fresh food products, but don’t expect to create preserves with them.
  • Brabantia glass jars have silicone lids: ideal if you are allergic to rubber.

Where can I buy them ?

👉 On the official store of the brand:

👉 On the Brabantia Store (

#6 Bodum – $4 to $45

Bodum Logo

Other jars with a simple design: Bodum glass jars.

This brand is primarily known for its many coffee making containers, but it also offers very practical glass jars.

Bodum Jar

They are original because they have a silicone band to protect the glass contour from shocks.

Strangely enough, we’d worked with a designer on identical models (see below) and long before these jars appeared on the market…

Prototypes of Our Glass Jars

Prototypes of Our Glass Jars: Bôvrac

A design more than similar to the Bodum jars with a label holder… Our project was called “Bôvrac.” But it never saw the light of day—too bad!

Bodum also offers more classic jars such as spaghetti jars with a metal lid.

Bodum glass jar for spaghetti
For spaghetti
Bodum glass jar for coffee
For coffee.

Where can I buy them ?

👉 On the official store of the brand:

👉 On the Bodum Store (

#7 Sambonet – Around $40

Sambonet Logo

I found it interesting to add this brand to my selection because one of their jars is very interesting.

Sambonet Jar

In fact, Sambonet offers a glass jar “special long pasta”—ideal for measuring spaghetti, linguine, and all other types of long pasta.

Very practical in use, this jar is equipped with a side measuring bar to measure the amount of pasta to be cooked. The bar is on one side for easy measuring.

The brand also offers glass jars that incorporate a small measuring cup attached to the lid or that you can put inside each container.

Sambonet jars are made of high-quality borosilicate glass and have hermetic lids with silicone seal.

Where can I buy it?

👉 On (France) – Unavailable in other countries.


Before buying anything, you should know that most of the glass jars you will find on the Internet come from China. The same is true for the water bottles that we also use on a daily basis.

So don’t be surprised to see on some glass jars the words “made in PRC” (People’s Republic of China) or “Made in China.”

But be careful! Even if some jars made in China are of very good quality, for others, it is the opposite!

Therefore, prefer the known brands (even with an Asian manufacture) because they submit to the Chinese manufacturing factories a very strict specification in terms of quality rendering.

On my side and most of the time, I often try to pay attention to the origin of the containers I buy. I usually opt for jars made in the USA or in Europe even if I sometimes make some exceptions like with the brand Brabantia and Kilner, for example.

However, I must admit that it is sometimes very difficult to decipher the information on the origin of the jar and its quality from the labeling.

That’s why I regularly write directly to the website of different brands to get the precise information I want: in this case, the country of manufacture.

Also, in addition to the selection I have just presented, don’t hesitate to consult the various consumer reviews to get a more general idea of the glass jars to use according to the different types of use—be they for storage, preservation, or fermentation.

Finally, I invite you to read the other article (unless you already have) if you want to learn more about the glass jars you use at home. You’ll discover that glass jars don’t just have advantages: they also have three major drawbacks!

Finally, let me know what you think about the glass jars you use on a daily basis. In particular, why you use certain brands rather than others.

And now it’s up to you to make the choice that best suits your budget!

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