How to recycle in Arizona in 2023? See this guide with useful tips!

Recycling for the Earth is like eating healthy food for the human heart. Hence, both the practices extend our lifespan and that of our planet. Today, ten U.S States + Guam have a bottle bill in place for recycling. However, what about Arizona?

First, we’ll explore recycling plastic to glass, metals, AriZona tea cans, cardboards, bubble wraps, and more in Arizona. Secondly, we’ll find out where to do so in AZ.

Ready? Let’s dive in!

Does AZ recycle?

Yes, there are recycling stations and centers in AZ or Arizona. However, there isn’t an effective bottle deposit bill in place.

Hence, you’ll only find standard scrap prices here. In short, thank recycling for that!

For instance, the “bale of goods” isn’t accepted with over 0.5% contamination in AZ. Moreover, not everything is recyclable yet (see the sources for explanations).

What can you recycle in Arizona?

What can you recycle in Arizona?

Here’s a list of household packaging containers you can recycle in Arizona:

What can you recycle in AZ?What you shouldn’t recycle in AZ?
Plastic jugs and bottlesFood scraps (consider composting),
wrappers and bags
Empty beverage cansPlastic Straws
CardboardPlastic shopping bags
(return to local grocery or retail store)
NewspaperTrash bags
Copier paper and junk mailDry-cleaning bags
Plastic jugsZiploc bags
Food jarsPlastic films and wraps
Glass bottlesPaper products (napkins, tissues, and towels)
(consider composting)
Metal cansStyrofoam
CartonsBatteries, light bulbs, and hardware (return to local
electronics or hardware store)

Does Arizona recycle plastic?

Yes, Arizona recycles plastic. Nevertheless, different cities have varying regulations for recycling plastic.

Plastic #1

This type of plastic is PET/ PETE plastic. Moreover, manufacturers use polyethylene terephthalate chemicals to make these. Furthermore, you’ll find them in beverage containers, food jars, and containers of most household items. Besides, you can recycle them in Phoenix.

Plastic #2

Also called HDPE plastic, these containers come from milk, oil, toys, and plastic bags. Additionally, it’s one of the most commonly recycled plastics accepted in Arizona.

Plastic #3

Most places in AZ accept plastic made of polyvinyl chloride, PVC, or plastic bearing number #3.
Moreover, these items include clear food wraps, pipes, and shower curtains.

Plastic #4

Yes, you can recycle some hard plastic numbered #4 in Phoenix and most cities in AZ.

Also, these are called LDPE or Low-Density Polyethylene. Furthermore, you’ll see them in juice boxes, shopping bags, lids, and flexible bottles.

Plastic #5

Polypropylene (PP) makes Plastic Number #5. Firstly, they’re accepted in most areas of AZ. Secondly, these are found in yogurt containers, bottle caps, cups, and Tupperware containers.

Plastic #6

Many areas of AZ, like Phoenix, don’t accept this plastic. Moreover, it comes from Polystyrene (PS). Additionally, you’ll notice them as styrofoam, egg cartons, and disposable cutlery. Besides, they are the least recycled plastic in the world.

Plastic #7

Hard plastics bearing number #7 made from Polycarbonate are accepted in areas of Arizona like Phoenix. Furthermore, plastic #7 packaging includes water cooler bottles, baby bottles, sippy cups, etcetera.

Does Arizona recycle plastic bottles?

Yes, you can recycle your plastic water bottles. Additionally, you can turn in containers of butter, oil, condiments, detergent, yogurt, milk, and juices with their caps on.

Is bubble wrap recyclable in AZ?

No, you can’t recycle bubble wrap in the state of Arizona. Also, envelopes and other packages lined with bubble wrap aren’t accepted at recycling stations either.

What’s the best way to recycle cardboard in Arizona?

est way to recycle cardboard in Arizona

Yes, you can recycle cardboard and cartons when in Arizona. However, you must ensure they aren’t heavily contaminated with food or other products first.

How do you recycle cardboard in Phoenix?

Firstly, several drop-off locations and cardboard recycling locations are there in Phoenix. Nevertheless, make sure the boards are dry. Moreover, you should flatten and remove any styrofoam inside before recycling.

Best ways to recycle bottles and cans in Arizona

Arizona has a tough time passing legislation for recycling because of its rising recycling costs. Hence, let’s see the options to do it cost-effectively!

Can you recycle glass bottles in Arizona?

Yes, you can recycle every glass bottle, container, and jar type in AZ. Nonetheless, make sure their lids are removed before you send them in.

Is there a bottle deposit in AZ?

No, Arizona doesn’t have a bottle deposit system for recycling yet. However, you can always find recycling stations that accept bottles at scrap prices.

Can you return cans in Arizona?

Yes, you can return aluminum, steel, and tin cans in Arizona at recycling stations. However, you can’t claim a return deposit for the same as states with bottle bills.

Can you take aluminum cans from Arizona to California?

Firstly, it’s not legal to claim return tax in California for cans bought in Arizona. But, there’s no way of stopping people from doing it.

Can you recycle AriZona tea cans?

Yes. As AriZona is a brand of tea canned in aluminum containers. And, you can recycle them in AZ. However, you can’t recycle AriZona Iced Tea plastic with numbers 5 and 7.

How do you dispose of paint in Arizona?

You can easily dispose of paint in AZ. However, you should harden it with a hardener or cat litter first. Finally, just trash it in your usual dustbins once it’s dried.

How do I dispose of aerosol cans?

Aerosol cans come under the acceptable metal recyclable containers in Arizona. Additionally, you can recycle or trash it with other items after emptying them. However, this doesn’t apply to aerosol containers with hazardous wastes, especially with P-listed chemicals.

Where can I recycle in AZ?

Where can I recycle in AZ?

The best place to recycle bottles, containers, and most household packaging is at Eco Stations in Phoenix. In fact, these are government-authorized roll-off bins. Furthermore, go to their website and share your address on the map to find a drop-off station next to you.

Final Thoughts: Get recycling!

Recycling in Arizona is accepted. However, you can’t collect deposits as there isn’t any bottle bill in order here.

Nonetheless, it’s easy to find all you need to recycle glass, cans, and plastic containers in AZ. However, keep in mind to never BAG recyclables when doing so.

Moreover, you can use the official site of the Arizona Recycling Coalition. Besides, they’ll help you find more about regulations for recycling containers. Firstly, head over to the site. Secondly, select your city and get started right away!


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